Mindfulness & Wellness Retreat: Deep Introspection & Growth

**Dates Coming Soon** ( 3 Day Weekend Exploration)

Join international Mindfulness & Yoga teacher Ana Maria Lagasca for this exclusive weekend exploration. This Mindfulness & Wellness retreat will teach the practices of mindfulness meditation, about its benefits, and daily implementation to better your life and relationships. Together we will practice self-observation and explore our mind and body to support our health, healing, and increase optimal level of functioning.  Evidence supporting the benefits of a mindfulness and meditation practice includes: stress reduction, brain and immune health, chronic pain management, restful sleep, mental and emotional health, expanding cognitive function, as well as, emotional intelligence and insight.

This experiential program will help guide you towards seeing things with more clarity, managing day-to-day life with more stability and awareness, and supporting you in living your best quality life. We have the power to create a joyful, remarkable, healthy, purposeful life; most times we just need guidance.

I profoundly care about your health, relationships, and overall well-being.

I believe wholeheartedly in what I practice, teach and in the real potential  for deep Happiness! It's a practice and a skill. 



Arrival and Check-in around 3-5:30pm 

Settle into room

6pm Dinner

7pm Orientation

Free time

9pm Evening Meditation



Morning Meditation 7am 

Breakfast 8-9am

Free Time

Yoga class 1030am-1145am

Lunch 12-1pm

Free time

2pm Meditation

Free time to hiking or sit

3pm Mindfulness Talk

(Body Scan, Walking meditation, Mindful eating, light yoga class)

Dinner 6-7pm

8pm Talk

9pm Meditation



Morning Meditation 7am

Breakfast 8-9am

Free time

Yoga Class 10:30am-11:45am

Lunch 12-1pm

2pm Meditation & Closing ceremony

Check out of rooms by 3pm

(You can stay on the premises longer but just need to check out of your rooms).