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Mindfulness & Wellness Retreat


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Join me on a journey to discover & uncover your inner world.

A Mindfulness & Wellness Retreat is a gift you give yourself for introspection, learning, & healing your mind-body-spirit. It can assist with deep insight, positive transformation, and awareness of the power within you. We focus on our mental, emotional, and physical well-being, stress reduction, and relationships.

This experiential weekend get-away will help guide you towards seeing things with more clarity, managing stress and living your best quality life. We have the power to create a joyful, remarkable, healthy, purposeful life; most times we just need guidance.



Mindfulness & Wellness Group Session


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Want to improve the Quality of your Life, Relationships & Well-being? Scientific research keeps supporting that many physical & mental benefits may develop from practicing mindfulness & meditation. During our  session, I will lay out the basic principles of mindfulness, facilitate mindfulness & meditation practices, help you develop a personal meditation practice & support you in applying the principles to your daily life.

Each session will build on each other. You have my full attention & care. 

2 hour session. 10 people max.

Negotiable options for bigger Groups.


One-on-One Mindfulness Session


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A personalized Mindfulness & Wellness session catered to your needs. We will uncover your personal goals to health and joy. We work together to see things more clearly, implementing new ways of being in the world, staying opened & curious and living out your best life. 

We practice Mindful Awareness to enhance health, relationships & overall well-being.

75 min session.


Skype/Telephone Session


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Telephone & Skype sessions are offered as an alternative to in person One-on-One sessions. 

*A low-income (sliding scale)  fee may be available, however, this must be discussed prior to the session.


Private Yoga Session


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Yoga is for Everyone. All Levels are Welcome. I will cater to your special needs and interests.

Vinyasa-based classes, Restorative, Pre/Post Natal, & special needs. Yoga works to improve your overall health, both physical and mental well-being.

75 min session.