Mindfulness is "being in the Present moment with openness, curiosity, and the willingness to be with what is." -Fully Present

Mindfulness is "paying attention in a particular way, on purpose, in the present moment & non-judgmentally." -Jon Kabat-Zinn

There are many forms of Mindfulness practice: Seated Meditation, Mindful Walking, Mindful Speech, Mindful Eating. Yoga is also a form of Moving Meditation.

These practices cultivate love, compassion, joy, peace, kindness, deep understanding, connection, community, healing & clarity. 

Mindful Awareness has been shown to improve the quality of your life, relationships, & overall Well-being.



Science is showing so many benefits linked to practicing Mindfulness meditation.

Physical, Mental, Emotional benefits.

-It can improve your overall Health.

-Boosts your Immune System.

-Decreases Stress & Anxiety.

-Increases Positive Emotions & improves your ability to regulate emotions.

-Decreases depression & pain.

-Decreases Inflammation at the cellular level.

-Improves memory & your ability to be creative.

-Increases focus & attention.

-Increases social connection.

-Makes you compassionate & reduces feelings of loneliness.

-Helps with clarity & discernment.

-It can change the structure of our brains; increases cortical thickness in the hippocampus which governs Learning, memory & paying attention.